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1 on 1 Training

One on one training is the personalized training method where a dedicated trainer is provided to specific student. The major objective of this class is to make the student feel comfortable in class environment. The flexibility of time enhances this class as individual applying for this class may be professionals.

Key Features of 1 on 1 Training:

  • Certified, Experienced and Professional Instructor.
  • As the name implies 1 on 1 training- One Student -One Trainer.
  • Quick Learning and Better Quality.
  • Trainer's full attention, task- focused activities, lab-based knowledge checks and discussions.
  • Customized course according to student's requirement.
  • High level of interaction.
  • There is no boundary or time limit for using the lab.
  • Classroom training should be attended on same time but for practice student can use their free time as well.