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Hardware and Networking

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Hardware and Networking is the fundamental knowledge and skills oriented course designed to train the students with basic handling of computer and laptop hardware operations and basic networking with the introductory management. However, this course to teach the students about the following skills and knowledge:

  • advance maintenance and troubleshooting of computer and laptop
  • proper use and tackling of software on the basis of hardware compatibility
  • Identification and removal of computer viruses and other malfunction.
  • use of switch
  • use of hubs
  • use of gateways
  • handlings of access points
  • handling of network interface cards
  • use of networking cable

So, in short, Hardware and Networking course prepares the students to perfectly handle the tact and skills to install, upgrade, repair, configure, troubleshoot, optimize and perform preventive maintenance of personal hardware and operating system.

Among the extreme necessity and demand of computer and laptop in the market, IT Security College of Computer Studies is focused on providing the best skills and knowledge of Hardware and Networking. We train the students with the latest modes of teaching with all time lab activities in reference to latest technologies and newly arisen problems in hardware, networking and software.

In the limelight, our courses are in the following issues:

  • A complete and systematic training under individual care.
  • Provision of all lab activities and virtual workshop for the right exposures.
  • Preparing the professional technicians who will be selected in the job market.
  • Teaching of latest technologies and the potential challenges they bring to us.
  • A multi-platforms trainings to deal with the sophisticated computer market.

Therefore, we are primarily centered to producing the best computer technicians giving them the best applicable acquisition of hardware, networking and software. We believe and imply with creating an experts on this field. We ensure the following skills to our students:

  • Skills to link a vast data of hardwares and networks required for proper processing and communication in network.
  • Skills to take care of computer hardware while connecting computer system for sharing information and data.
  • Skills to supervise and design the hardware installation and manufacturing process.
  • Skills to handle the real time situations of all hardware and networking.
  • Confidence to be capable enough to provide the best service upon the completion of course.

Thus, students can claim a huge advantage to joining IT security for hardware and networking training.

Course Objectives :

Knowledge on Fundamentals of Computer

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