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Before Appearing Red Hat Exams

Before Appearing Red Hat Exams

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Before Appearing Red Hat Exams

You may be anxious how to go through Red Hat Certification Exams. Don’t worry that’s not only you, many people around the world has lots of dilemma towards Red Hat examination. The reason behind this is due to the inappropriate rumors and lacking ground level knowledge like where to go for training, what kind of exam you have to appear and so on. Here are some basic info to you that might probably help you go ahead for the exam.

Before going on please be sure you that any exam questions will not be shared as NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is strictly followed. Now let's proceed cracking your queries:

1. Where to go for Training?

You are suggested to get trained form the Red Hat Certified Training Partner (RHCTP) which is near from your place or where you can reach easily.

2. Who is Red hat Certified/authorized training partner (RHCTP)?

The partners to whom Red Hat provides full authority to train and take examination is RHCTP. Where Trainers are certified and trained by Red Hat Inc. As well as Materials, equipment and lab & classroom approved by Red Hat.

3. Why to go for RHCTP?

RHCTP are updated time to time by Red Hat. RHCTP are the only centers from where you can take exam. Red Hat also provides different offers and schemes to the examinee time to time. And you can get all these updated information from RHCTP.

4. Can I do self-study or go for centers other than RHCTP?

First thing first, a requisition for course completion certificate and exam registration included after everything else in book should be filled and submitted to Red Hat Examiner before exam. The form must contain signature of instructor, seal and signature of RHCTP and signature of candidate. Although you do self-study, for the book you have to go to RHCTP. The books are not available in local market.

The other part is you need RHCTP to take an exam. Center other than RHCTP has no authority to take exam. Also, center other than RHCTP may not give you the updated resources required for examination.

5. What are Red Hat authorized books/genuine courseware?

The books designed and produced by Red Hat itself for the training and examination purpose are the genuine or Red Hat authorized courseware. Right to distribute these books are limited within Red Hat Inc. and RHCTP.

6. What type of questions are asked in examination?

The exam of Red Hat is performance based. Performance based signifies testing by doing. Candidates should solve the real world task that are workplace or job role centered. No objective questions are asked. The exam module is contrary to Microsoft, Oracle and Cisco. You have to solve every question as you are facing the similar condition at your job.

7. Can we take Red Hat exam from Pearson Vue /Prometric Center?

No, Red Hat bounds all the authorities of organizing, scheduling, and taking exam to RHCTP. So, any other testing center are not authorized for this purpose. Hence, you have to go to RHCTP only.

8. I don’t have group for the exam. Can I appear exam alone?

You definitely need a group for exam but it is not compulsory to have your own circle. For this you are asked to consult RHCTP.

9. How long should I wait for the result?

Generally, exam results are emailed to candidates within three US (United States) business days. The email provided in contact information should be accurate. If candidates do not receive their results within Five US business days they should contact Red Hat directly or take help through RHCTP.

10. How do I get my certificate upon passing an exam?

Red hat releases an electronic certificate upon passing an exam that will be attached to your result email.

11. How do I verify that a certification is current and genuine?

You are provided with a certificate number in the certificate. You can verify it by entering the number at https://www.redhat.com/rhtapps/certification/verif...

12. During exam I am observed by CC camera or Examiner will be there?

You will be under strict supervision of proctor from Red Hat.

13. Will the marks obtained be included in my certificate?

No, the marks you secured will be emailed to you with result. So, the marks will be within you. None of the certificates will have marks in it.

14. What do I need on the day of my exam?

You will be required to provide a valid government issued photo ID (i.e. driver’s license, passport, citizenship) right before the exam. Please note that the ID will be used for identity verification only and will not be stored.

You are not allowed to carry any electronic devices (i.e. pen drive, memory card) and wallet. It's strictly prohibited to put on rings and ornaments.

15. What are the Rules to follow during exam

  • Candidate should review the Exam content instructions that are presented in the command line terminal; Candidate can also type “man lf_exam” in the command line to view instructions again at any time during the Exam
  • Candidate is not allowed to communicate with anyone other than the Proctor during the Exam
  • Candidate is not allowed to leave their desk unless they have been granted specific permission by the Proctor
  • Candidate is not allowed to eat, drink, or chew gum
  • Candidate is not allowed to wear any electronic device in their ears, on their face or on their body unless medically necessary.
  • Candidate must refrain from making excessive and/or repetitive noise.
  • Candidate is not allowed to write or enter input on anything (whether paper, electronic device, etc.) outside of the Exam console screen.
  • Candidates must comply with any requests from the Proctor. If Candidate fails to comply, the Exam will be terminated.